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Summary: Benny Lafitte, supposed to be dead, leaves his wife and sneaks aboard and hides on the cargo spaceship "Impala", which is heading to another planet. It doesn't take long until the captain of the ship catches him, and he's almost kicked off at the next space station.
Word Count: 1818
Characters: Benny Lafitte, Dean Winchester
Pairings: Benny/Dean
Tags: Sci-Fi AU

”So you’re the thief.”

Benny Lafitte stilled. The only way out of the storage room, was blocked by the person who’d caught him red handed while stealing food. A little more than a week had gone by without him getting caught, but this was the end of that. He knew that it had only been a matter of time until someone found him, but still he’d hoped that he could’ve stayed hidden for a while longer.

Slowly, Benny turned around to look at the man that had found him. “You do what you can to survive,” he said. He took a good look at the stranger, and noticed the uniform he was wearing, as well as the pin on the jacket. “… You’re the captain?”

“Captain Dean Winchester, yes. Now who the fuck are you, and what are you doing on my spaceship?” Dean shut the door behind him before he stepped closer, though kept a safe distance from the other man. While he was mad that this thief had snuck onto his ship and stolen from their food stock, it was foolish to get too close.

“Just hitching a ride. Ain’t no other way to get away from that planet.” Benny smiled crookedly. “Name’s Benny Lafitte, cap. Sorry we had to meet this way.”

Dean huffed as he crossed his arms. “I don’t like freeloaders, Benny. I’m dropping you off at the next station.”

“… I’d be very grateful if you didn’t drop me off, cap.”
“Now why the hell would I let you stay on the ship?”
“Well… If you let me stay until we reach Plathos, I’ll do anything you ask me for.”
“What? Are you seriously pulling that crap on me?”
“I am, but I can assure you that I mean every word I say.”

The two men fell silent, and they stared at each other for a long moment, both keeping completely still and waiting for the other to do something. Finally, Dean narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. “Let’s go to my office and discuss this,” he said, and turned around.

Benny didn’t dare to do anything but keep quiet and follow the captain out of the storage room and through the corridors, and prayed to a God he didn’t believe in that he would be allowed to stay.


It took days before Benny was able to convince Dean to let him stay on the spaceship until othey’d reached Plathos. It had taken a lot more talking than he had honestly wanted, but Dean was a man who didn’t tolerate anything but honesty, so Benny didn’t have any choice to tell him about why he was fleeing Earth.

They were living in an advanced time. Travelling through space was very expensive and still uncommon, unless you worked on a ship like Dean’s. The Impala and its crew were known for their cargo export between different planets, and rarely were customers disappointed. It was the main reason that Benny had chosen sneak aboard on the Impala.

Other than being able to travel through space more and create nations and colonies on other planets, humanity had reached new levels in the medical field. It had gotten so far, that there were people who had been brought back to life when they were supposed to have died, and then continued to live on forever. The people – mostly rich - that were turned immortal, they always changed. Some merely stopped liking things they liked before, while others turned violent and dangerous.

It was mere hours before their arrival to the station, that Benny told Dean about his reasons.

“My wife… Ex-wife, believed she saved me. She hired a man, who took my dying body to his basement. He revived me. He had all the tools, but he was no doctor, that I know for sure. Told me to be thankful that he’d ‘saved me’, even if I was probably just another lab rat he could experiment on.

“When Andrea – my wife - explained to me why she had the procedure done illegally, I had the desire to snap her neck. I’m supposed to be dead. I no longer belong in the place that I used to call home. I’m not the man I used to be – I’m immortal. You’re my way out, cap. You can take me to Plathos, and I can start anew.”

Dean had looked at Benny for a long, silent moment. “I still don’t like freeloaders,” he finally said, as he turned away to get back to work. “So you better make yourself useful, pal.”

Benny learned early on that captain Dean Winchester was a man that liked to know what was happening on his ship, and therefore, Benny worked at by his side each and every day. Keeping everyone in line, making sure that everything ran smoothly, that nothing was missing, things that were typical work for a captain. Benny knew that Dean didn’t trust him completely, which was probably the only reasong he kept Benny so close at all times.

Time passed, and Benny somehow managed to find his place in the crew. It was an odd bunch of people, really, but he guessed that it was the reason that they all worked so well together. Most of the crew were people that hadn’t had anywhere to go, that needed to do something with their life. Just like Benny, they’d gotten a new chance. None of them were immortal like him, but they didn’t care.

For weeks, Benny had lived on the street. Two days after he was reanimated and immortalized, he had walked out the door without telling his wife good bye. She’d broken his trust. He’d always said he never wanted to be one of them. Ever since he woke up on that table with that stranger poking him in places he didn’t want to be poked, he’d been feeling uncomfortable in his own skin. The companionship he’d built with Dean and the crew, he finally felt at ease.

Benny and Dean grew closer and closer, till the point that it was rare to see them without the other. Benny felt warmth spread through him each and every time that Dean stood close to him, every time he smiled, laughed, touched him. Dean was the most beautiful man Benny had ever met, and made him feel just as happy Andrea once had. It made him feel unsure of what he really wanted.

Their eyes began to linger, and Dean never said anything when Benny placed a hand on his shoulders, his arms, or his back. Benny never said anything when Dean started doing the same. Slowly they got more intimate, more understanding of each other. They were close, just like brothers, but there was something more that neither of them had the courage to bring up and discuss. Fear of the possibility that their relationship would change made them not do anything about it.

Dean thought that Benny was one of the best men he’d ever met, but Benny was immortal. Dean had been hurt before. Benny was going to leave when they arrived at Plathos. Yet, Dean couldn’t stop himself from falling for the man that he’d once considered nothing more than a thief. The man who turned out the be kind, patient, and above all – loyal.

They continued to be close, never mentioning the lingering looks and touches, and soon the ship and its cargo reached the Plathos. The supposed end to Benny’s journey, and the friendships he’d made during his time with Dean and the crew.

The city on the planet Plathos that they had arrived at was a beautiful one, Benny could tell, even if he’d only seen the docks were all the cargo ships stopped at. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and close his eyes as he imagined himself creating a new home for himself. A home where he might belong, where no one had to know anything about him, unless he wanted them to. Though, the thoughts made him feel empty. Empty, just before he’d snuck onto the Impala. Before he’d gotten to know the crew. Before he met Dean.

Benny opened his eyes as he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he didn’t even have to look to know that it was Dean. They hadn’t talked about what would happen when they reached their destination, and now there they were. For a long while they were silent, and watched as people passed them by. There was a lot of noise around them, as workers and crew members from the different cargo ships worked on unloading the cargo.

“… So this is it, huh. End of the line,” Dean said after a while, his voice oddly quiet. Benny almost didn’t hear him.

“I suppose it is, brother.”

Another moment passed, before Dean spoke again. “I’ll miss you, man…”

“… I’ll miss you too, Dean.” Benny swallowed, and placed a hand on Dean’s lower back. It hit him then, that he didn’t really want to leave. He’d found a place where he wanted to be, and that place wasn’t Plathos. He looked up at the other man, searched for his gaze. Dean met Benny’s eyes, and he tried to put on a brave face, to smile. Benny thought it looked more like he wanted to cry.

“Can’t you… Go back on your words, just this once?” Dean asked.

“What words, Dean?”
“That you’d leave the ship as soon as we got here…”

Benny turned quiet, and he wasn’t exactly sure what to say. He was still an immortal, no matter how well he fit in on the Impala. Even if he felt like it when with Dean, he wasn’t the man he once used to be. There was a possibility that he would snap, and do something terrible. “Dean, I-”

Dean interrupted him quickly. “Don’t. Just… Are you leaving, or will you stay with us?”

Benny looked away as he thought it all through once more. He thought of all the ways that he would mess it up. Of the danger that came with his immortality. The chance that everything would change. He looked back at Dean, and saw everything good that may happen, if he chose to stay with the crew. If he stayed with Dean.

It was an easy decision.

Moving so that he was standing in front of Dean, Benny reached up to cup Dean’s face in his hands, and brought him close to kiss him sweetly on the lips.

“I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me… Love.”

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