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Summary: It's been nearly a month since Lucifer, captain, pilot and crew of the Morningstar lost his last co-pilot, and he's getting homesick for the stars, much as Gabriel appreciates having him back planetside for once. Enter Sam.
Word Count: 3779
Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Sam, Meg, Crowley (mentioned)
Pairings: Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam
Tags: Sci-Fi AU

In Space All I Think About Is You and Me )
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Summary: There were times that Dean felt like he couldn’t control his own body. His hands would tremble a bit, he might feel weak or he might get a sudden headache that made him have to lean against a wall for support. He felt out of place in his own skin, like his mind couldn’t trust his body to do as told, to be real. He always stopped that train of thought as soon as possible because it just wasn’t normal, or rather wasn’t supposed to be normal. Yet, so many things about him weren’t supposed to be normal.
Word Count: 3461
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Samandriel, Naomi, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester, Alastair
Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester/Samandriel
Tags:  Fairy Tale AU

Iron Wings )
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Summary: James Novak is a soldier in World War II, drafted by the United States and sent off to Europe. It's only unfortunate that he falls into the hands of a Nazi who claims to be the Archangel Lucifer. If only his damned dreams would fade away, just like the memories of his childhood.
Word Count: 3982
Characters: Castiel/James Novak, Lucifer, Gabriel
Pairings: Castiel/Lucifer
Tags: Incest, References to war and violence

Dreamscape )
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Summary: When you're in the FBI, you can't always keep work and home separate, and the past doesn't always stay there.
Word Count: 2252
Characters: Bobby Singer, Lucifer, Sam Wichester
Pairings: Bobby Singer/Sam Winchester
Tags: Graphic Violence, mentions of cannibalism

Destiny )
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Summary: When Castiel's partner in crime has been shot, he goes to the local bar to drown out his sorrows.  What he didn't expect to happen that night was for Crowley, a legendary long con artist to be taking him up as his own.
Word Count: 3578
Characters: Castiel, Crowley, Meg, Sam, Dean, Bobby, Garth, mentions of Balthazar and Dick Roman
Pairings: Castiel/Crowley, Castiel/Meg for .45 seconds, mentions of Wincest (but it's out of Crowley's mouth, can ya trust him?)
Tags: noir con men AU, nudity, fade-to-black smut scene (yes I'm warning you before I tease you), pre-fic character death
Author's notes: The author would like to apologize for the fact this fic seems like there should be more to it.  Turns out the idea I had might've been far more suited for a Big Bang, where it could run rampant for many, many words and not be restrained by a 4k min.  Instead it reads choppy and leaves you wanting more (the last part confirmed by my teammates).  Maybe one day I'll expand upon the fic and make it better.

This Could Be the Start of a Beautiful Partnership )
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Summary: Anna Milton is a former cop turned vigilante killer; Ruby is the mafia contractor who wants her to become something more. [ Genre: Crime/Action ]
Word Count: 2 282
Characters: Anna Milton, Dean Winchester, Ruby, Sam Winchester
Pairings: Anna/Ruby, past Anna/Dean
Tags: Graphic Violence

Angel )
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Summary: Anna is a high-ranking member of the Angels, genetically engineered to be on the police force to patrol – and control – the galaxy. But when she meets Jo, the leader of a rebellion against the government, the redhead must learn to think for herself.
Word Count: 3815 Words
Characters: Anna Milton, Jo Harvelle, Ash, Tamara, Rachel, Michael, Charlie Bradbury
Pairings: Anna/Jo
Tags: AU, Femslash

[Renegade] )
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Summary: Artemis!Charlie comes across Daphne!Jo in her sacred bathing pool after Jo is betrothed to Apollo!Dean against her will. (Charlie as Artemis Goddess of the Hunt/Moon, Jo as Daphne the wood nymph huntress, and Dean as Apollo, Artemis' twin brother God of Music/Sun)
Word Count: 410
Characters: Charlie Bradbury, Jo Harvelle, Ellen Harvelle (mentioned), Dean Winchester (mentioned)
Pairings: Charlie/Jo
Tags: NSFW, references to hunting wild animals, references to nudity, arranged marriage, Greek Myth AU
Goddess & Huntress )
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Summary: When a distraught but beautiful Josie Sands shows up in Naomi’s office asking her to find her murdered husband’s journal, she can’t help but take the case. But when she starts to investigate, a burned gangster spirals the detective into trouble with all the wrong people--and she’s beginning to suspect Josie is not all that she appears...
Word Count: 3,879
Naomi, Abaddon, Raphael, Meg Masters, Castiel
Abaddon/Naomi, implied past Raphael/Naomi
fires, brief use of a gun, violence and mentions of violence, detective noir au

The Slow Burn )
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Summary: Set in 1920s America. Sam doesn't want to be a cop, despite his dad's wishes, and he ends up stumbling into the life of a man named Crowley McLeod. He joins the mob, and has never found himself more fascinated than anything else in his life.
Word Count: 1519
Characters: Crowley, Sam Winchester, Linda Tran, Kevin Tran, Anna
Pairings: Crowley/Sam, Anna/Ruby
Tags: Mob AU, mentions of sex, mentions of daddy kink

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